Jędrek: my second install

Following from linguistic investigations on the human condition and as a result of searching for a user-engaging form, a yellow tunnel has materialized. A flimsy, transient surface, just a membrane, it really doesn’t have any substance and yet it still works. Or the contrary, it is its materiality of yellow pallet wrap that makes it […]

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As you can guess from my own works, body parts, as physical elements, but also as means of creating and telling stories, are a core aspect of the themes I have worked on so far. A « body » is something that we all share, and that we all use in a very different way, leading to […]



For her second instal, Thaisa presented us with several ”stones”, disposed in a particular way: some on the wall, others on the floor. The stones arranged on the concrete were, in my opinion, reminiscent of Japan. A strange mix between Tadao Ando’s concrete architectures and a zen garden, both places appropriate for thoughts, reflection and, ultimately, meditation. […]


Jędrek: my first install

Setup presented to viewers emerged from One’s need to become a picture (or at least displayed videos did, as the scenography was the result of later compromises). From one of the two screens, Giuseppe Casaburi – the main video hero and an aspiring motivational speaker, familiarizes us with the basic rules of having a successful […]

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For reasons that I can’t fully express, mainly due to me not completely understanding them, water, as an element, but also as a medium for art and creativity, is always something that interested and inspired me. While brainstorming for ideas, it eventually appeared to me as logical that using for my first piece would be […]


Rowing in the desert

For my second installation, I present my new work about duration, which is a site-specific performance in the Sahara Desert. The work has been presented as a video document in an old Television which is positioned on the sand I brought back from the desert. In the monitor, it was looping me rowing a white […]

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When it comes to the second install, I found contemporary technology like smartphone changed the way of how people live in this world. Especially social media effect people emotions or relationships. The core of social media is communicating, and the core of communicating is language. At that time, I realized that technology not only changed […]

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Qi Lyu: INSTALL #1

When it comes to the topic “Desiring-machine”, it reminds me something of “emotion”. In Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari ‘s view, the body as a“Desiring-machine”: “It is at work everywhere, functioning smoothly at times, at other times in fits and starts. It breathes, it heats, it eats. It shits and fucks.”Deleuze & Felix Guattari invent […]

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Lida: Installation #2

  Installation View Delving deeper the second installation took a more personal approach. While my own memories of war child have receded to deep feelings of anxiety and fear I set about looking for ways in which I could explore this visually and symbolically. The use of old style luggage was to reflect a container […]

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