AMI INSTALL 1: Goodnight humanity

Decoding ourselves and understanding the inner working of our minds has become a challenge for different disciplines today from philosophy and psychology to computer science and neuroscience. Field of artificial intelligence is insisting on a use of a behavior model rather than a cognitive model and to explain how biological hardware is practical in the […]

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  “I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.” I don’t feel comfortable around people. I don’t feel like myself, I just feel like I am trying to be someone else every time to adjust. I know I don’t need […]



  While I was thinking about what ‘duration’ means to me and how I perceive duration, I realized that I had some ‘money’ issues. I’ve never understood money in my life as I’ve always found it very confusing and pointless, pretended as if it had never existed. It is not ‘time is money’; to me, […]


James: Yili install 2

For her second install titled Rowing in the desert, Yili created a sculptural video piece presented on the floor, a monitor playing a looped video, set in a patch of sand, and serving as document to a site-specific performance. The video featured a static view of red sand hills in an undisclosed desert. Set deep […]

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James: Liying install 1

I was intrigued by Liying’s first install, Between. On display were a hanging board, painted red on one side and blue on the other with correspondingly coloured scrunched plastic attached to each surface. Beneath the panel were a series of glass bowls or vats with water inside. There was a very crude approach to the […]

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James: install 2

“We are living databases of images – collectors of images – and these images do not stop transforming and growing once they get inside us.” Bill Viola[i] Where do images fit in to a conception of time? Are they easier to remember than lived experiences? Do I recall the photograph of a situation more easily […]

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James: install 1

What is this duration? The experience of time; my time, your time, their time. Time waits for no-one. But we are time. For surely it is only with the experience of consciousness, with memories, perceptions and ideas for the future that time can be constructed. Time is not the same for everyone, the experience of […]

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Jędrek: my second install

Following from linguistic investigations on the human condition and as a result of searching for a user-engaging form, a yellow tunnel has materialized. A flimsy, transient surface, just a membrane, it really doesn’t have any substance and yet it still works. Or the contrary, it is its materiality of yellow pallet wrap that makes it […]

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