Clara, Landmark at the Interim Show


Landmark is the work presented at the Interim Show, held on February 24th 2018 at the Apiary studios. The decision of presenting this piece of work was based on my will of installing an artwork that could summarise the research undertaken during the first term of the MA. The research behind Landmark focuses on time and duration, considering and re-elaborating the thoughts of academic authors and philosophers (such as Heraclitus, Peter Wollen, Susan Sontag, Debord) and also grasping inspirations from my personal background. The aim of this investigation was to understand how duration is shaping my way of being in the world and to research the way the surrounding environment shapes my perception of time. The outcomes have been multiples: the research has evidenced how time is ungraspable and unstoppable and the frustration that this awareness generates.

While I was investigating, there was an element that was constantly present in the artworks I was producing: the sundial. The solar clock embed the coexistence of constancy and flux: while the sundial body is fixed, the shadow generated by it is in constant motion. Moreover, sundials could be possibly considered the most thrustful way to perceive the flowing of time since they witness the earth motion.

Landmark were six out of the twelve sundials I have installed in Italy as a land art art piece. The sundials have been handmade and they were crafted considering the latitude of this specific environment.

Maria Clara Lorusso copy

Unfortunately the group of sundials installed in the Interim Show was not supported by the documentation of the project developed in my home country. Since there was a lack of space in the exhibition, due to the number of artists presenting their pieces, there was no possibility for me to have both a floor space and a wall space. The interim show taught me that the negotiation of the space could be very intense when working in narrow environments with several artists. Moreover, it was important for me to realise how much the lack of space could compromise the work presentation. On the other hand, I think that Landmark installed in an indoor space is invested by a new meaning: when sundials are not evidently witnessing the motion of the hearth, they could be a signal:  their presence remind us about the inexorable flux of time.

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