While I was thinking about what ‘duration’ means to me and how I perceive duration, I realized that I had some ‘money’ issues. I’ve never understood money in my life as I’ve always found it very confusing and pointless, pretended as if it had never existed. It is not ‘time is money’; to me, it is ‘money is time’. This is why I decided to work on the concept of immateriality.

In London it has got to a point that when you eliminate money from the equation, my mom is working just to pay my rent. My mom works five days a week, to pay my rent. This was what ‘duration’ means to me. Since the day I was born I’ve been dependent on my family, even at 24; just the opposite that must have been. I feel like a child, but everything is distorted; like I have forgotten to wake up from a dream and it started to decay around me while I was too careless to comprehend. It is like I am a child inside of this grown up body, and everything I do ends up with nothing but damaging my own childish reality.



‘the bed’ piece has a quite thick and -supposed to be- a stable wire frame, ends up collapsing itself. Its base is woven with an almost invisible very thin wire, with an unfinished behavior at the points attached to the frame. It is in the shape of my childhood bed, with exact dimensions, yet in a distorted way resembling a child’s drawing. The piece installed in a corner formed of two white partition walls. From the corner, a cloud like installation made of crushed tissue papers spreads through the walls, giving a dreamy background for ‘the bed’ as the bed disturbs this dreamy childish look with its creepy, erotic vibe. Subtly calling for help, waiting to be woken up from this dream, this misperceived reality, revealing its disguise by being innocently mature. Immateriality concept is visually supported by the material quality of wire as the piece blends into its background and becomes invisible not only in photos but also real life to bare eyes. It is especially designed for the place it was going to be installed. Fragility of the all-wire structure controlled by a wire between the two legs creating a tension force.

The making process of ‘the bed’ was also a performance as a ritual, as a prayer; resulted in only being a useless object, a waste of time; as the most material thing in life had already ended up being the most immaterial one. It was a sarcastic self-judgment, a spiritualized matter or a materialized spirit.




Flusser, V. (2011) Immaterialism. Philosophy of Photography, 2(2), 215-219.