Jędrek: my second install

Following from linguistic investigations on the human condition and as a result of searching for a user-engaging form, a yellow tunnel has materialized. A flimsy, transient surface, just a membrane, it really doesn’t have any substance and yet it still works. Or the contrary, it is its materiality of yellow pallet wrap that makes it works. This is a very inviting, cozy and comfortable space. Kid’s hideout, colorful, clean and well designed. Simple and cheap pop-up space. Temporary structure. A giant Lego, a brick, an element of possibly bigger agglomeration. The DIY shelter that everyone can afford. A safe space, a comfort zone.

Zrzut ekranu 2018-01-29 o 00.15.02
first sketch

Of course, using this piece of work is joyful and easy, probably as easy as its construction was. Although it is much more complicated to understand why this works so well. In all likelihood one of the factors that make the construction works are contradictions. The inside space creates an impression of privacy, however, due to transparent walls, the occupier naturally becomes an object of studies of the outside viewer. His shelter becomes his cage. Also, as a part of the installation, there was an iPhone inside the tunnel with a newsletter subscription form. Its screen was air-played on a CRT monitor outside the tunnel, so names and emails typed in the phone were displayed instantly for the public view. Despite the fact I consider this mechanism very poetic and attractive in itself, it is probably an addition without which you can get around.

The variety of possible uses of the construction makes it even harder to have a specific opinion about it. Its appearance depends much on a context in which it is presented. But as user-engaging sculpture, it seems to be open to discovering new applications. I really want to put this structure outside art territory, to see if there will be any difficulties with its functioning. It works only when inhabited. So the main task will be to find new users for it.

Zrzut ekranu 2018-01-29 o 00.08.06
installation view