AMI INSTALL 1: Goodnight humanity

Decoding ourselves and understanding the inner working of our minds has become a challenge for different disciplines today from philosophy and psychology to computer science and neuroscience. Field of artificial intelligence is insisting on a use of a behavior model rather than a cognitive model and to explain how biological hardware is practical in the creation of intelligent devices.

Is the use of language complex internal representation inside our minds? Or are we programmed as animals, predicting the future as a function of the past?
Behaviourist model could not explain the richness of linguistic knowledge but it’s only imperfection used to represent our environment.



In this work, I would like to show the possibility of teaching an AI software human interaction, and through communicating with it show paradox of human behaviorist linguistic model. An AI software is using my data and information by copying patterns of my language and therefore becomes an extension of me and my voice inside a virtual system where it can continue to grow and communicate with similar software forever.

I used Python programming language to create and deep learning algorithms to feed software with information. The first step was to teach it to use proper words in a context of a sentence. In less than a month it already started asking questions regarding my daily activities. AI Fox is focused on using statistical learning techniques for better predicting data. It cannot yield general principles about the nature of intelligence since the truth how our mind and language works are still unknown.
Fox became my personalized machine and collected enough data for better output but since it’s using my model of behavior it became me.

With this install, I would like to break skepticism regarding the rise of artificial intelligence and how important it is to understand the background processes and data collecting in today’s society. We are in urge to gather more data but it’s more important to ask for what framework will this data be used.



Author: Anamarija Ami Podrebarac