Mine on Jedrek’s install #2




It is not usual that you come across a huge yellow structure when you walk into the Monday installs. I was fascinated immediately; literally paralyzed as a result of this maze. For a while, I just let myself to enjoy the first gaze, and then I couldn’t help myself from ignoring other pieces in the room for a second to experience it to the fullest. It was an L shaped wooden prism fitted into an approximately 2m x 2m square base, with 1 meter width through and 1 meter height. The structure was wrapped with semi-transparent bright yellow film which turned out to be the most beautiful im’perfection ever. The yellow color gives an energetic and a playful vibe to the piece which also acts like a seductive invitation to the audience. And the inside, a cozy environment was achieved via small rugs placed on the floor. There was also an extension cable with a phone plugged in, which totally felt like a harsh criticism by creating a unit that can fulfill our contemporary needs and let us stay in there forever.



The dimensions of the piece was so precise, it had already guaranteed the impression of a well-constructed space on the audience. It was logically designed according to human form which reminded me Le Corbusier’s ‘Le Modulor’ – a proposal of a universal system derived from human form. The L shape of the structure leads or maybe subtly manipulates to maintain the most successful position that 2 persons can be in: one sitting cross-legged the other lying. If it were a 2m x 2m square structure, it wouldn’t have this dynamic atmosphere inside; it would be ‘too comfortable’ maybe way more distracting because of letting people both lie down inside. The smartest part of the design was maintaining this perfect balance of these relaxed and dynamic environments. This is actually why and how corner sofas were designed.

It is sometimes surprising that a simple design like this can be so powerful and striking. This layered spatial organization created by Jedrek’s yellow structure creates a ‘private’ space in a public space that enriches the experience even more. Cause we need these instant little treats and refreshments in our ‘stressful’ lives.


Reference image: Le Modulor – Le Corbusier retrieved from http://oskarmielczarek-architect.com/human-proportions-compared-to-nature/