Hanna Install 2

Continuing from my first install, I have developed my idea of using dough and performance to explore my relationship to my body. I have experimented with placing dough on various parts of my body and found it was my chest that I was most drawn to covering. I wanted to recreate and amplify the ways I feel my chest, both psychologically and physically, weighs me down and show this through a messy and animate substance.

In my performance I engaged in a futile practice to hide my body or erase my breasts as every time I placed the dough on me it would slip. However, through this ritual the dough takes on the natural yeast in my skin, bringing it to life. There is something interesting in the ways I am “shedding my skin” into the post-performance dough as I use this process to gain a deeper understanding of my gender. Moving forward I would therefore like to somehow use this naturally yeasted dough in my next piece of work.



I chose to show a projection rather than a live performance so that I could focus and have some level of control of the viewers gaze onto my chest area and how revealing it would be. I layered footage to create a feeling of disorientation and disconnect as well as a sense of conversation between my body at different stages of the process. I chose to initially project it in a “traditional way” in the middle of the wall. However, projecting it lower down the wall and into the corner to split the screen created a better effect of the disorientation I was aiming to show. I chose to also play the sounds of the dough squelching on my body to make it a more immersive experience, but the sound quality was not so great and didn’t achieve the effect I wanted it to. I would therefore like to re-record the sound in another performance and experiment with ways this could be used in another piece.


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