I have found Lara’s work called Inorganics really interesting in many ways.

She created a dozens of jellyfishes from plastic bags, hanged them from the ceiling, and placed them to a corridor like space, so the viewer had the opportunity to walk between them, also touch them. As the jellyfishes live in the deep water, the representation was accurate, with the semi dark space. The little lighting LED lights inside the balloon like bags also created a mysterious atmosphere around the work.

Installation view

Before she talked about her intention to the work, what really got my attention was the fact that she created a representation of an ocean living being from a plastic bag that is basically one of the biggest enemy of the marine ecosystem. Polymer materials play a big role in ocean pollution that causes death of numerous animals day by day. I also found that sort of contradiction very interesting that there is a type of jellyfish that is immortal as It can revert itself to juveniles, while polymers need to take forever to degrade. One represents the will of live the other represents the ever living death. The last thing that popped in my mind, that translucent plastic bags are barely recognisable in water for the other spices, also their motion can be similar as the jelly fishes move. So in to a certain extend this material adapted to the sea life, that makes it even more dangerous for the animals who eat jellyfishes.

Plastic Bag VS Jellyfish

In regards of installation, I could imagine a whole semi dark room filled with the jelly fishes. And since they area nearly weightless, instead of a hanging them from the ceiling, I would rather just let them floating around in a closed exhibition space controlled by air fans.

Floating plastic bags (Jellyfishes)

As I have found this work aesthetically pleasing, I could also imagine these made in mass production, woven from plastic yarn made from ocean waste. It could be used as a mood light in homes and more oceans could be cleaner.




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