Being given the theme of duration, I’ve decided to investigate the connections between time and gender transition process (GTP), trying to explore how it affects the perception of time of the transitioning person.

GTP can be regarded as a deep and big disruption in the linearity of one’s personal history. Changes like inhabiting the preferred gender instead of the birth assigned one, choosing a new (legal) name or going on hormones create a kind of shift that is often felt like being born again. So the new gender identity produces a kind of cut, where there is an old life connected to the previous gender identity and a new life connected to the new gender. This produces the need to reconsider the past from the perspective of the new gender identity and also to live experiences that haven’t been lived before as they were not “allowed” in the other gender.  This gave me the idea of a back and forward movement between as if in order to go ahead and gain the new identity one also needed to go somehow backwards and also of a misalignment in the life’s times. I tried to express this with a sound-video. The video comprises two films embedded one in the other. The sound is made of two voices in a Q&A mode plus distorted clocks’ noises.

The work was displayed with a monitor placed on the edge of a lying plinth and speakers placed on the two sides of the plinth.

Installation view

I regard this work as a first draft version in the exploration of a subject matter which is very complex and the crit that followed provided with important feedbacks in order to develop it.

Main points to be considered are: 

  • connections with my previous install;
  • relationship between sound and video, which were perceived as disconnected;
  • the location chosen to shoot the video, and how it relates to the main concept;
  • the way the work was installed, which, although not intentional, came out as a potential installation on its own.
Installation view (after crit suggestion)

So for the future my intention is to develop the work pushing it further. Specifically I would change the shooting location and try to include a kind of performance, as it’s usually part of my art practice, especially in the production of works relating to the GTP.


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