Ana Luiza Rodrigues on Thaisa Weidle 1st Install

The lightness of the Thaisa’s stones makes me meditate about the balance between rocks and papers. At the first impression, you imagine being something impossible, however, the contemplation of her work transformed the questionable into something beautiful: the perfect math.

One of Thaisa’s works is a volcanic black stone in perfect equilibrium underneath a pile of A4 paper. On the top of the pile of papers, it is possible to see an illustration of a dark circle with the same shape to the stone below, fixed into a shelf in the wall. In contradiction with the first piece, Thaisa’s other work reverses the situation. The volcanic black stone is on the top of the black circle in a bigger piece of paper stock firmly fixed on the wall like a hammock.



It’s interesting to notice the parallel between the balance and the physical sense of the compositions. Both pieces of Thaisa’s work have a duality, like positive (light) and negative (dark) or like the masculine and feminine, Ying and Yang. I can see a connection to Michael Grab’s, the Canadian artist specializing in rock balancing. Both artists focus on the physical element of finding the perfect equilibrium, almost the point zero of joining stones and components.

Art of rock balancing by Michael Grab

According to Grab “the most fundamental element of balancing in a physical sense is finding some kind of ‘tripod’ for the rock to stand on”. Thaisa’s work is beyond the symmetry of the stones, it is the searching for perfection, harmony, and balance between objects. At the ending of her show what is left for the viewers is a tremendous feeling of satisfaction over the simplicity of the volcanic stone.


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