Ana Luiza Rodrigues on Abbas Zahedi 1st Install

Abbas Zaheldi
Installation view

At the first install, everyone was unsure and apprehensive about how everything would be. On the day, I came across a large man sitting onthe floor, cross-legged and with naked feet super concentrated and with sublime air. It took me a while to realize it was Abbas.

I lose the timidity that consumes me a few times and I got closer to him. I crouched to talk and admired his work. His work material is laid out on the floor: a folder with medical notes (I think), two plastic bags with beans; one with raw/red beans and the other with grains painted in white. Abbas remained seated, but with his legs in different positions and his hands full of beans. He is painting one by one with Tipp-Ex Corrector! This remembers my childhood. I used it a lot in schoolbooks to cover my handwriting mistakes. I had not seen one of these for years. Pure nostalgia came to me.

I salute the greatness of his gesture: to paint the bean grains meticulously and after drying, dispose it inside a can, half opened. In my conception his art is there as well in the development of creative work. Transforming something ordinary from our day-to-day into something new or better to say, turn simple coffee beans into art. Abbas finishes his performance by standing besides the can full of beans spinning. The product of his work has got a bit of magic. Abbas is an artist to stay tuned for and I should not miss his performance of the continuing of ‘But a Bean can Bee a Machine’, 2017 later on inJanuary 2018 at Burlington Camden.



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