ORLANDO: FLOWING UNDER (2017) Install #1

As the debate around gender identity is becoming more and more frequent not only in queer circles or among theoreticians but also in popular culture, I’m trying to explore related issues through my art practice. In particular I’m focusing on the gender transition process, trying to assume a new and different perspective. While the most common approach is to look at gender as an exterior phenomenon, I’d rather draw the attention to the inner psychological manifestations of gender identity.

In doing so I’ve found great inspiration in the works of artists who focus on the body, such as Pierre Molinier, Jurgen Klauke, Urs Luthi and, more recently, Heather Cassils, in whose performances the body becomes a symbolic force. Performing for the camera has thus become the way to position my body as the symbolic vehicle of transmutation, allowing the invisible forces operating in a transition process to be rendered visible.

As part of an auto-biographical long-term project unfolding alongside my own gender transition process, Flowing Under specifically refers to the experience of going on hormones therapy. It investigates how hormones are at the same time an object of desire and a cause of anxiety. The work try to suggest the idea of a body that demands to be explored and understood in a new way, as it undergoes main changes that affect body shape, body hair, voice and sex drive. At the same time the work investigates how hormones therapy can also cause anxiety, especially in the beginning, as no one can really know in advance what the real transformations of their body will be and because it takes time for changes to become effective, so that the transitioning person is left in an uncomfortable in-between-genders area.

Flowing Under is a video and sound installation, in which I perform both with my body and my voice.The work was installed by creating a contained space, where the video was projected on one of the walls and the sound came out loudly from the speakers. Even though the disposition of the walls allowed some openings to the surrounding environment, I wanted to create a disconnection from the outside and suggest the idea of entering into a private room, where I could share my own intimate experience with the audience.



Still from video
Still from video
Still from video
Installation view
Installation view

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