At my first install I tried to explore how human beings perceive time under different circumstances. When we are happy it feels that time just flies and we wish to stop to clock forever. On the other hand if something bad happens to us, time slows down and we wish to skip these periods from our lives. For the first time I choose video to express myself. The video was playing in loop and was divided to two sections, showing two types of feeling that we all experience trough our lifetime. Two feelings that makes us experience the time differently.

The first video, just as the second one, was built up by short clips. It was about love and being in love in general. I choose scenes from romantic movies, that showed the harmony and true happiness between a man and a women. I also put a ticking clock sound effect under the moving images. In this section, the ticking was quick representing the time as we experience it.

Still from video (Love)
Still from video (Love)

The second video was about fear. I chose different videos from YouTube, when people risk their life just to gain views. Riding Segways at the edge of skyscrapers or jumping on sides of hundreds of meter high buildings. Seeing these videos has always been making me feel nervous and fear. Probably more then anything else that I could see on TV or in movies. In this section, the ticking sound was slow.

Still from video (Fear)
Still from video (Fear)

Both the sections of the video meant to make the viewer feel these feelings that were in the video. The main goal was to make the audience feel happy or anxious and so experiencing the duration of the two sections differently, even though that both of them were 16 second long.







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