Nathalie Mei, Install 1

By Nathalie Mei The install combined an island-shaped sculpture of salt with an iPad. The screen displayed vertical rows of an 8-digit code. Furthermore I showed a hanging sculpture made out of draped rolls of transparent plastic film, thin metal wires and wood. With this work in progress I aimed to explore how individual and […]

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He You on Natalie Mei 1st install

The work of Natalie Mei’s first installation was a beautiful and powerful piece, I was intrigued by the purity and serenity of the work. The work consisted of an organic shaped salt pile seated onto a same shape of transparent plastic sheet, on top of the salt a digital screen was half buried, only a […]

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Yulia on Asa’s third install

It’s hard to describe Asa’s third work, a medium-sized TV screen mounted on the wall streaming multiple layers of a video of a Boris Johnson interview, in an emotionally unaffected and objective manner: the piece is downright overwhelming in the sensory overload it induces. The frazzled and schizophasic visual subject matter is unfixed and constantly […]

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Elena’s third installation is comprised of two parts. The first part is a series of high quality printed images displayed on a light box, with another part shown on a wall-mounted panel, which consist of difference contexts and various image in a seemingly collage-like painting. When walked closer to her piece, I initially followed the […]


Michael by Max, 3rd Install

Michael’s third work, an installation video piece, used an old fashioned CRT monitor to display a virtual facsimile of himself, produced in its primary form from a method called photogrammetry, a process whereby a 3d image is generated from a collection of images. Michael then feeds this data back into the program which generates a […]

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Anaïs on Niloofar 3rd install

  Niloofar last work is an installation made by three overlays. You’ve got the background, the big size video showing views inside a forest during the night. The video was filmed by someone, we can feel the presence and the movement of the camera accentuate it. Then a little short video appears sometime at different […]

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