He You on He You 2nd install

After my first install I carried on working with the laser level and brought it into an open landscape. The following two pictures are those I used in my second install.



Both of the pictures were taken at night in the desert area in Merzouga, Morocco. It was an environment with little  human intervention. While in the desert ,the horizontal and vertical red laser lines I projected onto the landscape were very eye-catching. They extended freely in an open space, without boundary, until they faded out due to the energy limitation. Projecting the laser level onto the landscape made me think about my connection with the environment I was in. The desert was vast and I was just a small element within it. From my point of view, the laser level worked as a stamp and a coordinate axis, which established my relationship with the environment and my reality. The shape of the projection never changed, no matter what kind of surface it was projected on, only the size would change according to the distance of the object being projected on. It was always the red cross that acted as a stamp or signature of a human intervention, an imprint on the environment. It says ‘I am here’. As human beings we exist in the vastness of the universe. We struggle to find a starting point or our location in the world, in order not to get lost. The coordinate axis system was invented as a tool for orientation and measuring of distance.


The crossing point of the two red lines provided an origination point for the axis, which is also the position of the laser level, and the controller behind the machine, which is me. Therefore I was able to find my location in the environment. During the time I used the laser level to project onto the landscape, it produced a temporary human intervention and reference point for me within this natural space.



For the install, I printed a close-up view of palm trees onto a transparent plate, and projected the panorama of the desert onto the wall. Using a bench and a wall as boundaries, I tried to create an enclosed space between two images, in order to give the audience a sense of distance, and to present a night view. But it didn’t worked out as well as I planned. I am not sure this was the best way to show the work, when the experience was transformed to the pictures, it lost its quality. I now have to rethink the way I can develop this project further.


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