Michael Cheung on Arthur Trombetta

On Arthur’s third installation, to me it is like a setting of the military strategy control rooms, with various satellite images of buildings and transportations, which are labeled as missile assembly buildings, and cargo trucks… etc. Meanwhile, there are several toy soldiers and toy trucks placed on the prints. The images very much remind me […]

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Diana Lloyd on Arthur Trombetta

On first impressions I felt invited to engage in Arthur’s installation as a detective entering a potential crime-scene, whose mission it was to piece together the many different clues, derived from both the warfare and everyday objects and images strategically assembled on a low-level plinth. The low-level plinth itself was cleverly integrated into the installation, […]

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Elena on Elena

My first piece consisted of a two-sided video installation. Against one wall, a projected landscape stands several metres high, showing a large-scale photograph flush to the ground. Moving slowly, the landscape is seen to transform, layers folding into and over one another. Facing this, a laptop stands mounted on a plinth, its webcam watching the […]

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Elena on Lexi Sun

Can the gallery itself be overcome? It’s a question that has been posed repeatedly since the origins of the conceptual art movement in the 1960s, when performance art and social ‘happenings’ began to subvert the trope of an art object that could be easily bought, sold, and exhibited. Lexi Sun’s third performance A (vanished) room seems […]

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Hongjia Liu on Yulia’s 2nd install

Artist Yulia Dunaeva’s 2nd artwork is a lighting installation. By using a spotlight towards a hanging mess of lines and characters, projecting the shadow on the wall behind, you will find the shadow of lines and letters twisted together. This work gave me some inspiration and thoughts relating to the transformation between two-dimensional and three-dimensional […]

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Luke Payn on Arthur Trombetta

Arthur’s work evoked a scene from a film, a spy or political thriller, a sense of walking into a secret space where surveillance and a military plot were in progress, that you have stumbled into this secretive space and shouldn’t really be there, you may be caught any minute. Whilst you felt there was highly […]

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Luke Payn on He You’s 2nd install

He Yous installation was a continuation of his work in previous installations using a ‘laser line level’. A  ‘laser line level’ is a tool usually used by architects and builders for construction, landscaping and civil engineering works. It creates perfectly straight red lines which form a cross, when calibrated it provides perfect horizontal and vertical […]

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Hongjia Liu on Carla Benzing

I was impressed by artist Carla’s 3rd installation. I found the artwork is simple but powerful, full of information and inspiring. The installation is a looping video, static shot, one naked woman standing on the ground, facing the urban landscape miles away, at the same time, a flying drone keeps surrounding her and observing her. […]

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Carla Benzing on Anaïs Boileau

The 3rd install by Anaïs Boileau consists of two large scale video projections meeting each other at the corner of the wall. The videos both show a computer screen with popping up still and moving images as in the last installations. The titles seem to remain as found online and the presence of the mouse opening […]

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