Max Stanley on Max Stanley

We are entering a point in our development where we encounter various kinds of imagery with limited restrictions as to how and where we see them. We experience the world through countless frames of reference and our understanding of where one starts and where another begins has become unclear. The fluidic nature of the boundary between the physical world and the digital has made questions of hierarchy uncertain. We spend just as much time perceiving our lives through a screen as we do viewing it with our eyes-only. How this change is affecting our relationship to the world and the way we navigate and inhabit it is what this project will be looking to explore. The work exhibited attempts to reconfigure our idea of digital spaces and their relationship to the image through the construction of still-lives created from 3D printed objects. Consequently, by bringing these objects back in to the image and creating scenes that allude to digital renderings but are in actuality analogue photographs. I hope to question and subvert the viewer’s preconceived notions about how and where these spaces exist, as a result of the ambiguity of the production of the image. However, once the work began to interact with the space I felt it needed a different approach. The addition of the original 3D printed objects into a separate part of the gallery space to juxtapose the primary pieces added another frame of reference for the work to exist in. Again looking to question the hierarchical systems that govern objects and representation, at the border between the physical and digital worlds. I felt this approach was slightly more successful and going forward the addition of the physical objects into the installation is something I will develop further for the next install, as well as refine the image process for the 2D works, which I felt was somewhat lacking in clarity and execution.


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