Matthew Greenburgh on Yajing Hu

Yajing Hu’s install was of three unframed photos of replicated dressed artist’s drawing dummies in groups (the artist had initially placed one of the dummies on a plinth in front of the photographs but after discussion decided to remove it as the pictures were strong enough on their own). The images might at first be […]

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Diana Lloyd on Asa Desouza-Jones

When I first saw Asa’s installation, I suspected there would be something lurking beneath the rather generic and homely surfaces of sofa, cushion, lamp and magazine. Something already felt to me a bit incongruent when I noticed that a number of pages in this professionally printed magazine lying assumedly on the sofa, had been recently […]

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Diana Lloyd on Diana Lloyd

I am interested in exploring the relationship between the materiality and perspectives of physical places and the experiences associated with duration, specifically of process, memory and intuition. Influenced by the theories of Henri Bergson’s Matter and Memory, which asserts that the nature of duration is always in a state of continual transformation that is never […]

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Max Stanley on Max Stanley

We are entering a point in our development where we encounter various kinds of imagery with limited restrictions as to how and where we see them. We experience the world through countless frames of reference and our understanding of where one starts and where another begins has become unclear. The fluidic nature of the boundary […]

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Arthur Trombetta on Arthur Trombetta

Inspired by the reading of the book ‘Lucifer’s principle’ by Howard Bloom which describes through anthropologic analyses and sociologist facts how violence and ideology build society. I was thrilled by the idea of making artworks about new technology and its consequences in nowadays society. As a starting point, I made two pieces of work which […]

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Carla Benzing on Carla Benzing

Carla Benzing’s installation is a 10 min video loop, large-size projected into a corner of the wall, stretching out to the ceiling. The video shows a female person in its natural state in a a bizarre and empty site as part of, and in contrast to the surrounding man-made urban space. The person is slowly […]

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Matthew Greenburgh on Matthew Greenburgh’s install 31.10.16

My installation was of a 2 minute video entitled: “GOoggle & AI” (  It is centred around the ancient Sino-Japanese board game of Go, which encapsulates elements of Deleuze’s desiring machine concept.  Two players interact, each with a desire to win and to do so they must gain territory.  Productive connections are made between stones, lines […]

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Lynda Beckett on Arthur Trombetta

  Assimilation When I first saw Assimilation and The New Religion I thought they were striking works. Both were images of the cross – an inescapable thought provoking symbol that incites a reaction within me. To view Assimilation it was necessary to look up, as if you were in a church at the foot of […]

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