Michael Cheung on Michael Cheung

The Augmentation

My first installation is a set of prints reflecting on my own body parts, to visualize the content, and also what I want them to be able to do.

At first, I planned to use a more third person point of view to account how the way we perceive ourselves is shaped by the society to be “ideal”, in a mechanical way. But as I move along this path I believe it is better to take a first person kind of view, to look into myself first.

Therefore, for this project, I tried to let my instincts do the work, and avoid thinking the reasons behind the images in my mind before visualizing it, and here are the resulting images.



Since when thoughts pops up in my mind they are always in bits and pieces, therefore that’s why I chose to use partials of several images to form a silhouette of my body parts, and I used a strong black background so that I can illustrate the gaps between the shards of images, and that I believe, is to show the missing links and glitches between ideas and thoughts I have. I also choose to make the image very much like specimen scans in a laboratory. img_2357


As for possible developments, I would really like to try doing an installation for this project and see how this can relate and work in a 3D context. Meanwhile, I would also like to try the way of presenting those images via a video and see if the gaps glitches between thoughts can be illustrated even better. Yet I do not have a full picture on how the final piece will be like at the moment.


Lynda Beckett on Lynda Beckett

My World started with a single hairball. I brought it into class. Now it has become the source of my journey. On the morning of the impending “Pecha Kucha”, I found myself rolling a hairball in bed, while I was waking. I find there is something relaxing about slowly rolling loose strands of hair together into a hairball. For the uninitiated it is best formed using the tip of the thumb and index finger. They are the perfect tools. Slowly it becomes an intricate piece of tightly entangled hair. It holds my DNA. It is part of me. Why on earth was I forming it, and what does it says about me, I don’t know. On closer examination I soon realised it was the key to the door of My World.  From it I now find myself navigating through chaos, which is not a bad thing, since I am aware this journey will reveal many curious things.


My first install evolved from a single hairball and things found on a beach in Norfolk.  The hairball is just a couple of centimetres in diameter. I wanted to enlarge it to see what it revealed.  Enlarged it resembles a coil of thin plastic/wire cords with a couple of paths trailing from it.

My world is a place that is often riven in two. From two images of hairballs I made two trails that are formed from organic objects as well as pieces of weathered rope and plastic. One trail is formed from manmade waste and organisms entwined by the forces of nature. The other is a hand crafted trail made after beachcombing a wild stretch of coastline, not far from my home in Norfolk. I instinctively gathered materials from the shore, wanting the viewer to step into My World. To touch, smell, taste and feel it just for a moment. Over time this piece will evolve into something new as it decays, I don’t know what that will behold at this point in time.