Ebony Francis on Vinicius Assencio

Sculpting in Soap? When I first saw this piece I must admit that what it was was of no significance to how much the fact that it carved from soap impressed me. Pictures of sweet smelling histograms sat on a grey plinth stimulating several senses in both familiar yet unconventional ways. The histogram obvious in […]

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Vishal Kumaraswamy on Benjamin Lansky

For his first install, Ben worked with placing video projections as depictions of “events”. The movements that lead up to the occurring of the “event” were compiled via various images that were then projected as a GIF. The perpetual looping of these videos helped reimagine, and examine closely, the process of the actions involved in […]

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Valentina Stocco on Elisa Costantini

Bringing further the concept of black hole related to duration, Elisa’s second install became an ‘illuminate’ recreation of it. As soon as you enter the space you find yourself surrounded by this projection of an hand encircling itself. On clenching itself the hand gives circularity to the image, and at the same time it disappear […]

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