M. Damele on Vinicius Assencio

I was immediately drawn to Vinicius’ work on the ‘desiring machines’ theme.He displays his digital photographs and the histogram of each one in the form of a sculpture carved out of colourful soap bars. He shows the photographs as well their numerical code and in this way he makes one question what is a photograph […]

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Matilde Damele on M.Damele

The art piece I am presenting attempts to break the boundaries between the inside and the outside, the personal and the public. In this black and white photograph that I took on a street in central London, the city and its constant change reflect my present state of mind. The image of a billboard exposes torn […]

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Maria Luigia Gioffrè on Ebony Francis

  Desiring phone’ of Ebony Francis, seems to hold seeds of an anthropological reflection on primitive communities as well as on technology in postmodern societies, disembodied communities and use of phones as object of desire. Particularly in this install, perhaps, we may look at phones as a new sacral object, an interactive interface, a medium for […]

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