Vinicius Assencio

  Responding to the desiring machines brief I tried to reverse the process of digital photography creating something tangible with histogram pictures carved in soaps. My research on this topic began when I realized that the numerical sculpture of a photo (histogram) interests me as much as the final image, and to unravel and cross […]

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Ben Lansky on Ben Lansky

Exploring our perception of time and motion, I utilized video files of “events” and employed different techniques to reveal motion in a way we are not used to seeing. For one piece I took multiple frames from a video of a woman pushing a shopping cart and merged them into a single image. I then […]

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Desiring Phones- Ebony Francis

I decided to approach this install with something more personal to me instead of something that merely represented my standpoint or view of the world. As a woman, a “black” person, an African, Caribbean, slave descendent, hybrid of multi national identity in times of post colonialisms albeit still evident White supremacy- isms! I had a […]

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Siobhan Bradshaw on Siobhan Bradshaw

For the install I brought a drawing, screen print, digital print and Gouache painted postcards all created  from my photographs of mannequins. Often I do not disclose she is not real and its naturally assumed a woman. My project is Desiring Machine and my practice is focused on female desire. Photography is always part auto-biographical and […]

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Irene Domínguez Jervis

“The Event” The event  talks about the creative process that all artist have to pass during the construction of their Works. Most of the time when we start to work in some specific project we have our main idea and some relevant points to develop this new art work. But throughout the research it may change, […]

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