Matilde Damele on Matilde Damele

My work explores the effects of the digital world in our everyday life. We are caught in a system where our identity is linked to passwords and codes and products are recognisable through bar codes. Suddenly we have become dependent on a wireless technology that shakes the traditional structure and beliefs of society.My images record a sense of instability and uncertainty among people and things in this new reality in transformation.

I’m showing b&w photographs and blind ink drawings and one watercolour abstract painting. The blind ink drawings were born from blind sketches of people on the bus and the watercolour painting was done in the same experimental spirit. The size for both photo prints and drawings is 4×6 inches and they are meant to be seen as the unfinished version of my perception of the present time. The all but ‘perfect’ look of my images both in the resin overexposed coated prints that show uneven lines of the easel as well as the free, random brushstrokes, aim to convey the feeling of disorientation and slight anguish in our society. 

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