Candice Japiassu on Candice Japiassu

This installation was my attempt to frame together two different realms: the quotidian and the cosmos as a way to take care of myself and also be aware of my existence as a human being in the world. It’s a work in progress under the title: “Why is there something rather than nothing?”
It consisted of 1 vinyl print and 1 wooden shelf with 4 polaroids and a rock on it.
Daniel Rubinstein and Pat Naldi pointed out that the improvisation of the tube case to hold the wooden shelf that kept falling, actually worked as a way of activating the space and also was a reminder of a telescope.
The vinyl print had a photoshopped marquee in the form of a triangle, symbolising the world of science and logic and also the shape of the house, which is a symbol of security to me. Daniel pointed out that this “marquee” worked good with the stone, as a contrast, since the world of science can never grasp completely the natural world.
Another issue with this installation was that they found it to be very neatly done, missing some chaos, suggesting I was hiding behind that neatness. They said that I don’t need an answer to all the questions. Pat would like to see it expanding, so the audience could actually become part of the work. Their feeling was that I was protecting myself behind rationality and order, however that is what the work is about and the audience need to feel the chaos too.
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