Maria de la O Garrido on Maria de la O Garrido



The installation that I presented last Monday, is still part of my project There. It was composed of two different pieces, completing each other by different connections, but far away in the space. First piece is formed by a wooden construction where we find the head of a Greek statue which is not complete. It missed a part of its face, concretely one eye and part of the nose. In the empty space that has been generated by this lack, we find a Jacinth plant. This Jacinth plant works as a reminder of the rhizome, the multiplicities that build the whole project. The reason why I used the fragmented image of the statue’s head is that it works as a kind of metaphor, using the static element as a symbol of the feeling of being in the context of posing for someone else, where I am there in a physical way but I’m also ‘somewhere’ else. The juxtaposition of the elements of the statue’s head and the video represents the separation between the material space/place and the inner world which is simultaneously within and outside of that material space.

The second piece of the install, which is situated in another part of the space/gallery , has again two parts. One is the missing part of the Greek statue head, and the other one is a video exhibited in an old monitor. The video is a compendium of different poses installed using an old monitor because I am not looking for a very defined image but a diffused one. The lack of details then obscures the changes and differences of mimesis, the repetition. The video uses an “original”, a model, in this case statues of female figures in Greek civilization, which is imitated and repeated. This repeated model is myself posing as those statues, I try to emulate the original but many changes are produced at the same time. The new model, the one that has been repeated has a new meaning and is perceived in a different way. The interesting point of this is the ambiguity of not knowing if it’s a still image or not. The key is the breakdown at the end of every pose that transforms the perception of the whole content

.Captura de pantalla 2015-02-02 a la(s) 01.43.17                        frames video duration

I found Suky’s help and suggestions at the setting to be very useful and the feedback especially rich and wide, with suggestions in many directions.

Daniel suggested to play with time of the video by stretching and shrinking time, something that I did at the first chance by using and abusing the elasticity properties of time in the video with some very subtle changes. Pat also pointed that the piece might be too complex with both pieces and that maybe it would work better with just the video. There were different opinions on the election of the monitor to show the video, Daniel came up with the video of using two monitors instead of one, a digital frame maybe. Pat made me think about the possibility of changing the monitor and use instead a different device, maybe a bigger screen or with more definition.

Suky asked me if I knew if the character represented at the statue head photo was Aphrodite. It is a photo that I took at the British museum but I’m not sure if it’s actually Aphrodite and think it’s important to find out. Some artist related to my project were named by Pat, Daniel and Suky. I found the work of Martin Arnol to be very connected to my video, and I was very seduced by his videos. Jean Leon Gerome’s painting The artist and the model is also a great find.


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