Federico Redaelli on Federico Redaelli (Jan 26th)

IMG_2782 IMG_2781

Paraphrasing Deleuze and Guattari, being nature a process of production, the pleasure of the artist lies in the production itself, and not in the result of the production process.

A “production of production”, for its own sake. And again, in their words: “incorporating recording and consumption within the production itself, thus making them the production of one and the same process. […] There is no need to distinguish here between producing and its product” (Deleuze and Guattari 2007)

The main aim of this installation – “A portrait of GG” – was to put the process of production of a work of art at the very centre of the work of art itself, showing how the pleasure found by the artist in such process of (in this case the making of a photographic portrait) is more important and central than the actual resulting outcome.

The collection of objects, memories, visual and auditive stimuli that were part of the process of creation, seen by the viewer through an empty frame used as a “point and frame device”, makes the very process of creation the main subject of the image.

Consequently, the final output of the process, i.e. the tangible result in the form of the print of the photograph, being irrelevant for the sake of the purpose of the whole work, has been omitted.

During the crit, it emerged in the discussion that even the video footage of the studio session and the collection of sounds were somehow redundant, because even though they were indeed part of the process of production and never allowed the viewer to have a clear idea of what the final portrait would look like, they potentially could increase the chances for the installation to be excessively descriptive and representative.

For this reason, the further developments of the work, that will be visible in the final version of the installation, titled “Portrait” (it is important to notice how also the woman subject of the original omitted photograph, previously mentioned in the title, has later been removed), are going to be based on the subtraction and omission of non-essential elements.



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