Stephanie Sant on Stephanie Sant

The Riddle Riddles In my recent install I wanted to apply my personal exploration of Alchemy into my work.  Alchemy is “a vibrant, pictorial language where every detail is meaningful” and although very representative in its visual depictions, the method itself involves the making of primordial soup, which I linked to my search for defamiliarisation […]

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Mike Sung in Mike Sung

After this stage of work, I can feel the power of working collaboratively. Indeed, I have done so before, but this time it feels like a preparation of the midterm show that is going to take place in March. Up till now, I have been through Starting Point, and Reflectonation, each with monthly intervals. Each […]

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Alix Edwards on Alix Edwards

I am currently exploring how to create art of protest which moves people on an intuitive and emotional level. The installation ‘29’ is part of a body of work entitled ‘By Numbers’ which translates statistics, used to summarize the impact of domestic violence in the UK into tangible entities. My intention in creating  this work was […]

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Aurelie Berry on Aurelie Berry

Colours in Translation – my project is based on Proust’s In Search of Lost Time on the specific theme of translation at two levels : as a French reader who works in English, and as a photographer who attempts to translate Proust’s imagery. There exist 4 translations of the novel into English ; (1) Scott Moncrieff’s […]

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Juan Covelli on Juan Covelli

This video installation is a continuation of my exploration of what it means to have a body in the digital era. As I have previously stated in this blog, my interest is in the idea of a gender identity. I have stated that gender is a social construction and as a consequence, we have a […]

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Mariya Bilyan On Mariya Bilyan

The attention of the work ‘Fusion‘ was to show the multiplicity of our contemporary world, especially the world of social media. We live in a time of information where knowledge plays the essential role for human beings. Yet there is a deceiving moment in believing that we are correctly informed. The gigantic flow of information […]

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Ilayda Bilgin on Ilayda Bilgin

To begin with, I would like to express that I choose test tubes as an objects for my installation because they are powerful objects for me to describe what I want to do. In my point of view, test tubes remind me the process in dark room. During this progress, first the paper has been […]

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At the first attempt, I have painted a lot of images about flowers and landscapes. When the colorful oil pastels covered in the pictures, they are indeed beautiful, and everyone will be attracted by the appearance of beauty. But the “Beauty” is a dangerous thing. It is often hard to arouse people’s thinking. After I […]