Aurelie Berry on Victoria Batt

Victoria presented a delicate white sleeveless dress made out of organdy (a sheer, crispy and slightly stiff cotton fabric) suspended against a white background. Although transparent, the dress had a full body. The impression was that of a white cloth floating in space with a slight movement due to the hanging nature of the installation. […]

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Federico Redaelli on Mike Sung

  A thread line, hanging photographic prints on different paper quality, really enticing, albeit abstract images, leading the viewer to the “machine” from where everything spawns. A double pendulum, made of a small plank of wood and a cold, metal ruler. Mike’s installation “Reflectonation” dwells the exhibition space, acting as a complement to the group’s […]

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Stephanie Sant on Pearlie Frisch

You Weren’t Here   Pearlie’s pitch for her Desiring Machines proposal speaks of something we are all going through as a generation that is comforted by a perpetually-lit  screen marking full bars meaning-an internet connection in our solitary rooms. Of experiencing moments with other people be it family, loved ones, and strangers, through the internet medium. As […]

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Mariya Bilyan on Mariya Bilyan Before I start to talk about my ex project, I would like to say a couple of words about my future projects. I may stay a bit longer with exploring the perception of time in a marginal state of long term social isolation. Since this subject is very complex I […]

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Mike Sung on Stephanie Sant

The fusion of the 2 briefs of duration can be seen in the installation of Stephanie, TCTA and FGE In D Minor, as the name of the piece goes. Without introduction given beforehand, it provides stronger sense of disorientation for the viewer with its abstract but rich in the process of the sensory  experience provided […]

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Sara Boscioni on Sara Boscioni

“THE WOMB” I focus my practice on the concept of “simulacra” related to sexuality. The plan was to make an installation using dolls, barbies or broken mannequins and then replace their missing pieces with parts of human bodies (using digital medias such as photoshop) to create the illusion of a perfect untouchable robot/fetish machine. Marx used […]

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Ilayda Bilgin on Ilayda Bilgin

TANGLED To begin with, when I started my project I felt that I am losing myself. I didn’t know where I should start. I had the feeling that I don’t really know what I am doing. I was completely stuck. There is a beautiful saying which is ‘The obstacle is the path’ and that is […]

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David J.Klinkert on David J.KLinkert

Duration is an inner experience, a stream of consciousness where past and future converge in a dense instant of multiple layers, in simultaneous coexistence with other multiple instants. For this installation in particular, I wanted to express connections and disrupted connections; random association and logical associations; and doing so, to create multiple layers of times. […]

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