Stephanie Sant on Stephanie Sant


Experimenting with photo editing.

My photo-video installation entitled Spirtu Pront: S&I is the preamble to my MA Project Brief ‘Duration’ and was installed at the MA space on 27/10/14. I was pleased about the way the room became a microcosmic gallery space and how the 4 installations complimented each other to give a living-room/ work station feeling. In retrospect, I should have further inquired with the other members on what they were to present prior to the installing date in order to give me more prepared ideas on installing my own work, as the result was one which David Moore himself noted- I played it too ‘safe’ and presented my work like every other odd gallery would- in a very uniformed and predictable manner. This is something I will definitely keep in mind next time I install work; to have an adventurous attitude so that the audience can have fun ‘discovering’ my work rather than find it predictably hanging on the walls at the right height.

With this in mind, I must not forget to balance the latter with the logistics of the space. Part of my work included earphones attached to the laptop which was attached to the projector. The audience could have the option of hearing accompanying audio for the video through these earphones. However I failed to foresee that placing a chair next to the laptop which was on the ground meant that the audience would have had to sit on the chair while crouching low in order to reach the earphones. This ‘awkward’ position naturally resulted in not making the audience be fully-immersed in the audio and video seen. Adventurous works. Awkward doesn’t-in this case.

Something else which David remarked which I took as helpful was his commenting on the subject’s (in this case, performer Ira Melkonyan) beautiful appearance and her attire- two elements which were by-products of what I was actually after; I chose her as a subject because I am a huge fan of her work as a performance artist, and I chose the swimsuit for its colour clashing with the neutral clay cliffs and for it to be malleable for her to easily perform in the sea and mud. The by-product of this made the video and photos risk appearing as a (and I cringe as I type the F-word) ‘fashion video’. While I will not directly seek subjects which are unconventional looking for the sake of going against the norm, I will keep it in mind to use non-indexical items in order to defamiliarise the audience and benefit in a more new experience for my future work.